Five Mile Cemetery
Five Mile Cemetery

established 1859

Establisment of the Cemetery

       Abraham Bast                            The State of Texas   
        DEED  To:                              County of Dallas     
       David King et al.    
       Know all men by these presents that I, Abraham Bast of the 
       County of Dallas & state of Texas for the consideration of 
       the pure veneration that I have for the Baptist Church, have 
       this day given, granted and conveyed and do by these presents
       give, grant and convey unto David King, Thomas Wright, 
       Jesse Wright, Joseph Brittain & Wesley Cockrell, trustees 
       of the said Five Mile Church, and to their successors in 
       office all and singular the following described tract of land 
       for the purpose of erecting a Baptist Church and School-house. 
       In said house, when erected there is to be no church established 
       except the Baptist, but to be used by other denominations to 
       preach in when not occupied by said Baptist for religious 
       purposes or purposes of worship but to be used by all denominations 
       of Christians as well as non-professors of religion for school 
       purposes to wit - two acres of land more or less situated in the
       County of Dallas and state of Texas on the South side of
       Five Mile creek, on section No. 2 township one south of the first 
       base line and range 2 West of the first or principal meridian, 
       beginning at three elms from the same root, from which a Spanish Oak 
       12 inches in diameter bears 15 feet South and a Spanish Oak 10 inches 
       in diameter bears East 24 feet. Thence East 23 poles to a stake in 
       the prairie, thence South 14 poles to a stake in the prairie. Thence 
       West 25 poles to a stake in the prairie; thence North 14 poles to a 
       stake in the prairie, thence East 2 poles to the beginning. To have 
       and to hold the above described premises unto said Trustees of said 
       Five Mile Church for the purposes aforesaid, and to their successors 
       in office forever. Witness my hand and scrawl for seal this the 2nd 
       day of February 1859.
                                            (mark of Abraham Bast)  

       The State of Texas
       County of Dallas    Personally appeared before the undersigned 
       authority Abraham Bast who is to me well known, and acknowledged the 
       execution of the foregoing deed to be his act for the purposes and 
       considerations therein specified. On testimony whereof I hereunto set 
       my hand and official seal at office in Dallas this 2nd day of 
       Feb. A.D. 1859.
                                              W. K. Measten, Clk.
       Filed for Record Feb 2nd 1859 at 3 o'clock P.M.
                                              W. K. Measten, Clk.



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